“My life coaching with Zahie has yielded immediate benefits in my day-to-day life as she taught me how to reframe my negative thought patterns to more accurately assess the situations I was encountering. Her intelligence and insight, combined with her kindness and compassion, made each session immensely valuable to me on both an emotional and a pragmatic level. After just a few sessions, I feel I already know myself better and feel better equipped to meet my challenges.”



“When I started working with Zahie, I was struggling with some big issues related to my identities as a writer and as a mother to young children. I was entering a significant transition, shifting some of my time and energy from full-time stay-at-home parenting to a more even balance that would center my writing, a career I have kept my toes in but have been afraid to pursue fully alongside mothering. From our first consultation, I knew Zahie got it. She has similar experience as a writer and mother, and she was able to both validate my feelings and offer manageable suggestions for creating and upholding boundaries, working through some deeply entrenched messages about personal value and worth, and help me clarify some of the mental blocks that have been holding me back both in how I approach my writing and what I write about. After just three sessions with Zahie, I feel more centered and confident about continuing to pursue this balance. I have been waiting a long time, I think, for someone to give me permission to really pursue my career as a writer, and by listening, empathizing, and guiding me with questions and other tools, Zahie helped me give that permission to myself. Our work together felt, and continues to feel, life-changing. On a personal level, I have gained a sense of peace where I've had years of lingering doubts and distress. But Zahie's coaching also entered my writing itself. I write personal essays, often about the very issues with which I came to Zahie, and our conversations—deep, in-depth, very nuanced conversations that are hard to come by in the isolation of stay-at-home parenting and work-at-home writing—I found a sounding board and an engaged witness, which helped me shape a particularly difficult essay. I credit these conversations and Zahie's smart insights and questions for me shaping and finishing that essay. I not only whole-heartedly recommend her coaching to others, but I will also definitely come back for more sessions myself.”



“I reached out to Zahie during at a time when I could tell there was huge shift about to take place. I was feeling incredibly out-of-synch and facing a lot of big questions about my work and my family life. When I shared these questions, concerns, hopes, and dreams with Zahie, she helped me to frame the experience and come to some pretty big conclusions. After just two sessions, I feel much more clear, intentional, and optimistic about what is to come.”


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"My experience with Zahie was remarkable.  She helped me journey into the deep recesses of my soul to uncover what I really want out of life.  Her holistic approach is both realistic and exhilarating; it helped me uncover the work that excites me to the core while showing me the tools to make that work a part of my everyday living."


Zahie helped me structure my writing goals concretely for the first time in my life. She identified what I needed and how I preferred to take in information — and was on point. She pushed me to give my writing the same attention and goal setting I frequently applied to my day job. AND on top of that, Zahie helped me meet challenging situations at work head on. I could not be more grateful!

Thao Votang