How it works

A Life Coach helps people clarify and articulate what they want most from life and how best to achieve it. More specifically, coaching helps people get past obstacles and limiting beliefs to create the results they want in life, work, and relationships. I don’t tell people what they should do; I ask questions that help them find the answers that get them closer to the life they want.

A note on the difference between coaching and therapy: Coaching is no substitute for therapy, though it can often be a useful complement. It is not for people with serious emotional problems. Coaching is about creating results, not dealing with crises. Coaching focuses on the future. Let’s work together to help you live the life you want.

I’m available over the phone,  via skype, or in my central Austin office.


If you’ve already done the mini-session and are ready to give yourself the structure you need to dig deep, make change, and transform your life, sign up for a coaching series here.

Single Session: $75

Package of Three Hour-Long Coaching Sessions: $210

Package of Six Hour-Long Coaching Sessions: $390

*these prices valid through May 15, 2019


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Like many children of immigrants, I thought I had to choose between a career as a doctor, lawyer, engineer, or MBA. So right after four years at Williams College, I went to Cornell Law School. I practiced products liability litigation for a few years and then corporate securities law for a few more years before realizing this was not the right path for me. I went back to school to earn my M.F.A. in Fiction at the New School and spent the next several years teaching expository, creative, academic, and persuasive writing in universities, law schools, and to private clients. I knew I wanted to keep writing, but I also craved more immediate connection with people. Teaching gave me this.

My favorite part of each of these teaching endeavors has always been meeting someone where they are, helping them identify and articulate any obstacles between where they are and where they want to be, and supporting their next steps toward the result they want. One day, I realized that my favorite part of being a teacher and an editor was really being a coach, and that I was never just working with people on their writing, I was helping them create the conditions in their lives and in their imaginations to make the writing happen and make the writing better. To further develop my skills, I signed up for a nine-month intensive training seminar with the Martha Beck Institute. I soon realized that I love working with people who are ambitious in all kinds of different fields—not just writing. I have used the coaching training to transform my own writing life and am also working toward my coaching certification.